Foresight Shields Models
Japanese Navy Third Class Cruiser Akashi

– Commemorative Ship Mikasa Permanent Exhibition Model Series 26th Limited edition –
Hull and other large parts are made of resin, small parts are made of metal –
Full hull model – With
brass name plate –
Total length of kit is about 190 mm
– Assembly adhesive is epoxy and Please purchase instant adhesive separately.
-It will be built at the Yokosuka Naval Arsenal two years later than the same type ship Suma for the Sino-Japanese War. Suma is characterized by passages between the front and rear decks on both sides of her, and the fact that there is no battle tower and only a lookout tower in her front tower. She was not completed in time for the Sino-Japanese War, but in the Russo-Japanese War, she participated in the Battle of Incheon, the Battle of Lushun, the Battle of the Yellow Sea, and the Battle of Tsushima.
-Akashi's full length is 94.8m, maximum width is 12.8m, and standard displacement is 2,920t.