fujimi January 2023

1/24 Car NEXT16 Suzuki Jimny JB23 (Land Venture/Pearl White)

Independent Research 26: Creatures Heracles Beetle

1/700 Special 106 Japanese Navy Light Cruiser Agano

1/700 ship NEXT3EX-2 Japanese Navy battleship Kii special specification (camouflage color)

1/700 FH40 Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier Hayabusa 1944 Full Hull Model

1/700 FH39 Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier Hitaka 1942 Full Hull Model

Pass 3 Toyota Hachiroku Trueno AE86
Scheduled shipping date: November 29, 2022

The suspension structure of the chassis is newly designed as a new mold part. Various styling can be set by steering and alignment gimmicks!
The 4-wheel independent stepless vehicle height adjustment mechanism and 4-wheel independent stepless camber adjustment mechanism allow you to freely set the vehicle height to normal, shakotan (lowdown), racer (horizontal), and other styling.
Since the expansion and contraction of the four-wheel independent suspension can be expressed, it is possible to create a diorama with movement (posture change).
 (Breaking (front wheel: contracted / rear wheel: extended), corners (inside: contracted / out side: extended), etc.)
Smooth adjustment of vehicle height and camber by using conventional polycap material in a stepless slide structure. realization.
Since it is a gimmick that can be adjusted even after completion, you can enjoy decorating it for a long time.

Comes with roll bar and bucket seats.
Includes a wing type rear spoiler.
Comes with a decal that collects stickers that are popular among runners. In addition to logo marks and license plates, various sticker marks are included.

NX-9 Honda Super Cub 110 (Classical White)
Scheduled shipping date: November 08, 2022

The product is a kit format that requires assembly. 
It is 1/12 scale.

No painting required: Each part is colored with a molding color, and the body achieves a glossy texture that cannot be obtained by painting.

No need for gluing: Easy to assemble due to design specifications that fit parts together.

The product is based on the current Super Cub C110, which was launched in 2018.

It is possible to select/manufacture two types of brake lamps, the initial type and the May 2020 legal revision compliant brake lamp.

Accurately reproduces the many moving parts unique to 1/12 scale and the fine modeling.
The body uses a special molded material to reproduce a level of luster that is difficult to express with paint.

There are 9 molding colors: beige, brown, gloss silver, silver, black, ivory, clear red, clear orange, and clear.

Even with a straight assembly, it looks like it is painted separately with colored parts, and even when painting, the parts are divided to greatly reduce masking work


・The leg shield is integrally molded and designed to be easily press-fitted into the body.

-The front fender is integrated with parts while accurately reproducing the molding with a slide mold.

・The side cover is a separate part from the body, and the complex shape composed of curves and straight lines is precisely three-dimensionalized.

-The handle is shaped to be sandwiched between the body, and the left and right grip switches are well-shaped.

– The meter panel is represented by the attached sticker, and the panel cover is fitted with special clear parts for a realistic finish.

・In order to create the atmosphere of the actual vehicle as much as possible, the mirror is designed with an ultra-fine injection.

-The brake lever, which is a different color than the handle, is reproduced with a different part and an accurate shape.

– Headlight lenses are made of clear parts, and the internal shape is also expressed with delicate sculptures.

-The engine is divided into 3 parts, left, right and front, to express the external shape three-dimensionally.

・The change pedal is a one-piece part that accurately reproduces the bar cross section and pedal shape.

-The muffler has a 3-piece structure that reproduces both the exhaust port and the conical shape.

-The hook inside the leg shield, which is also a feature of the Super Cub, can be easily displayed with a sticker or with an adhesive bonus part.

-The stand is a separate part and is movable. 
It is also possible to park the bicycle.

– The side stand is movable after being made into a separate part. 
It is possible to tilt the body and put it in a parking state.

-The seat is a two-piece structure that is divided in the same part as the color tone, and it is a movable type that can be flipped up.

-Reproduces the fuel filler port flat when the seat is opened.

・The name decals on both sides of the fuel tank are wheel seals with a metallic feel.

・The rear carrier uses a slide mold and is an integral part.

・You can choose from two types of brake lights: a horizontal type after the 2020 revision of the law, and a vertical type from the time of release.

・The rear seat of the actual vehicle option parts is recorded as a bonus part. 
You can choose to wear it.

-The hub in the center of the wheel is a one-piece part that reproduces the surrounding shape with a slide mold.

・The tires are made of rubber and are specially used for this product. 
Accurately reproduce the width difference between the front and back.

The size when completed is (approximately) length 155 x width 58 x height 87 mm.

78 assembly parts

[Attached contents]

・Runner x14

・Rubber material tire x2

・Assembly manual x2

・Seal x1

・Decal x1