VOYAGER MODEL 1/35 PE351239/PEA470 FOR BORDER MODEL BT-011 Modern German Brown Bear Engineering Tank Swiss Version

PE351239 Modern German Brown Bear Engineering Tank Swiss Version Modification Parts PEA470 Modern German Brown Bear Engineering Tank Side Skirt Modification Parts with BT-011
Frontier Model The first extension project of the Leopard 2A5 chassis made this project The tank and chassis parts continue the excellence and combination of the previous kits, while the superstructure is a newly opened part. This time I will bring you the Swiss version of the modification plan. Based on the size of the kit, the modification parts have been fully refined on the outside, such as tool buckles, box buckles, machine gun ammunition boxes, machine gun slide rails and other details are faithfully reproduced. its details.

icm 1/35 53031 AH-1G Cobra (late production) US Attack Helicopter FULL KIT

The AH-1G Cobra attack helicopter was developed by company Bell as part of the program to create a specialized attack helicopter. In the fall of 1967, it began to be used in Vietnam, where demonstrated its high combat qualities. To defeat ground targets, AH-1G helicopters used both built-in weapons – a six-barreled machine gun or grenade launcher – and suspended: units of unguided missiles, suspended machine guns, and later – a six-barreled 20 mm gun. Its firepower allowed hitting even armored targets. Over time, the AH-1G received a number of improvements, including measures to counter surface-to-air missiles with thermal guidance. For this, cooling of the engine exhaust gases was used, in addition, a special pipe was installed on the helicopters, which diverted the hot gases upwards, into the plane of rotation of the main rotor. After the end of the war, AH-1G Cobra helicopters continued their service in units stationed in Western Europe.