trumpeter-china 1/700 British Royal Navy Type 23 frigate-“Westminster” 06721

product description:

      The Type 23 frigate is a frigate serving in the British Royal Navy. All ships of this class are named after the British Duke, so this class of ships is also called the Duke class. Among the current ships of the Royal Navy, the largest number of surface warships is undoubtedly the 16 Type 23 frigates, and the last “St Albans” was officially commissioned in November 2001. The Type 23 frigate is equipped with very strong weapons, with anti-submarine, air defense, anti-ship, and anti-shore three-dimensional offensive and defensive capabilities, especially its anti-submarine capabilities. The Duke-class frigate is the world’s first frigate equipped with a vertical missile launcher.

      Westminster began construction in January 1991 and entered service in May 1994.

Product number    06721
product name    British Royal Navy Type 23 frigate-“Westminster”
Bar code    9580208067216
Product ratio    1:700
product type    Plastic Model Warship Kit
Model size    Length: 190mm Beam: 23.4mm
Total number of parts    190+
Metal parts    n/a
Etched parts    1 piece
Film    n/a
Resin parts    n/a
Total number of offsets    5 sprues, hull and deck
Announcement date    2021-04
More description    Lower hull made from multi-directional slide
moulds.-Deck wood pattern finely rendered
-Contains engraved name plate
-Photo-etched frets included

trumpeter-china 1/144 Chinese Navy 092 “Xia” class strategic nuclear submarine 05910

product description:

      The Type 092 ballistic missile nuclear submarine (Long March 6 ballistic missile nuclear submarine) is the first nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (also known as strategic missile nuclear submarine) developed by China, NATO codenamed “Xia” class. It is equipped with 12 Julang-1 submarine-launched ballistic missiles (NATO codename CSS-N-3).

      Construction of the Type 092 nuclear submarine started in the Huludao Shipyard in Liaoning in the 1970s, launched in 1981, delivered in August 1983, and entered service in 1987. In 1985, the first underwater missile launch test failed. In September 1988, an underwater missile launch test was successfully carried out and a Julang-1 missile was successfully launched. A major modification was later carried out in 1995.

Product number    05910
product name    Chinese Navy 092 “Xia” class strategic nuclear submarine
Bar code    9580208059105
Product ratio    1:144
product type    Plastic Model Warship Kit
Model size    Length: 833mm beam: 89mm 
Total number of parts    40+
Metal parts    n/a
Etched parts    1 piece
Film    n/a
Resin parts    n/a
Total number of offsets    2 sprues, upper hull, lower hull and stand
Announcement date    2021-04
More description    the kit consists of over 40 parts
-contains display stand

trumpeter-china 1/35 L4500A armored vehicle equipped with 3.7cm Flak37 anti-aircraft gun 09593

product description:
Product number    09593
product name    L4500A armored vehicle is equipped with a 3.7cm Flak37 anti-aircraft gun
Bar code    9580208095936
Product ratio    1:35
product type    Plastic Model Armor Kit
Model size    Length: 223.2mm Width: 74.3mm   
Total number of parts    400+
Metal parts    n/a
Etched parts    3 pcs
Film    n/a
Resin parts    n/a
Total number of offsets    15 sprues and tires
Announcement date    2021-04
More description    > Full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential housing and suspension units.
> The main tires are hollow rubber with very good tread pattern
> Photo-etched parts included
> Flak 37 included

trumpeter-china 1/144 H-6K bomber 03930

product description:

      The H-6K is the latest model of the H-6 bomber and an important part of China’s nuclear trinity. It was publicly unveiled on September 3, 2015.

      The H6K was replaced with a low-fuel-consumption engine, and the aircraft also reduced weight and increased fuel tanks accordingly. The maximum range should be more than 8,000 kilometers, and the maximum combat radius is nearly 3,500 kilometers. Compared with the maximum load capacity of the early H-6 model of 9 tons, the carrying capacity of the H-6K has been increased to 12 tons. It is mainly used to mount new cruise missiles for attacking various long-range targets; Carrying laser-guided bombs and satellite-guided missiles for precision strikes on sea and land targets.

      The advent of the H-6K has made it the core force of the Chinese Air Force’s offensive operations, and has made the Chinese Air Force the second reliable strategic strike force in China after the Rocket Force. In wartime, the H-6K can take off from a relatively safe inland base in China. Under the escort of forward-deployed fighter jets, its maximum range has been increased from 6,000 kilometers of the H-6 to about 8,000 kilometers, and its maximum combat radius exceeds 3,500 kilometers. Based on the long-range cruise missile Long Sword-10A with a range of approximately 2500 kilometers, the H-6K can deter a vast area including the US military base in Guam in the border area of ​​China, which is what we often call the “second island chain.”

Product number    03930
product name    H-6K bomber
Bar code    9580208039305
Product ratio    1:144
product type    Plastic Model Aircraft Kit
Model size    Length: 259mm Wingspan: 229.5mm 
Total number of parts    120+
Metal parts    n/a
Etched parts    n/a
Film    n/a
Resin parts    n/a
Total number of offsets    5 sprues
Announcement date    2021-04
More description    The kit consists of over 120 parts, 2 clear parts
-fuselage&wing with finely engraved panel lines

trumpeter-china 1/350 German battleship “Tirpitz” 05359

product description:
Tirpitz was launched on April 1, 1939 as the second ship of the Bismarck-class battleship. The initial combat concept was roughly the same as the Bismarck. It was sent to the Atlantic Ocean as a water ship to attack the Allied merchant fleet. However, due to the sinking of Bismarck and the failure of other surface ships to attack merchant ships, Hitler lost his trust in the surface fleet, which led to Tirpitz being forced to restrict the attack.
Due to the strengthening of the escort fleet on the Arctic route and the sinking of the Bismarck battleship by the British at the end of 1941, coupled with the raid by the Royal Marines in March 1942 on the large dock in Vichy, France, the only German able to repair in the Atlantic The large dock of the battleship Tirpitz was destroyed, limiting the activities of the battleship Tirpitz in the Atlantic Ocean. Tirpitz was forced to be sent to the waters of northern Norway and spent most of World War II here. . She played the main role of the German fleet in the northern waters of Norway to contain the power of the Royal Navy. Tirpitz made three attacks in Norway, two in 1942 and one in 1943. Although she has been “restricting movement”, the Royal Navy is still quite afraid of Tirpitz’s potential destructive power to the Allied fleet. The British army has carried out many air strikes and submarine attacks to sink the Tirpitz but it has been It was unsuccessful. It was not until November 12, 1944, that Tirpitz was bombed by a 5.5-ton tall cabinet super bomb designed to deal with large warships before it capsized in the Lingenfjord.

Product number 05359
product name German battleship “Tirpitz”
Bar code 9580208053592
Product ratio 1:350
product type Plastic Model Warship Kit
Model size Length: 715.7mm Beam: 105.9mm
Total number of parts 1180+
Metal parts anchor chain
Etched parts 5 pcs
Film n/a
Resin parts n/a
Total number of offsets 15 sprues, hull and deck
Announcement date 2021-04
More description the kit contains over 1180 parts
-the hull made from two-directional slide molds
-Deck wood pattern finely rendered
-Contains display stand
-photo etched parts included