【New KIT】FROM bronco CB35133 1/35 German Krupp Kfz.69 3.7cm anti-tank gun traction type (early type)

In 1929, Kfz.69 was originally designed as a German 6×4 heavy truck, but due to the heavy workload, it was redesigned and produced as an artillery tractor. The Krupp car body is labeled L2H43. The first prototype was delivered in 1934. The early prototype was equipped with an air-cooled 53 horsepower, 3.3-liter Krupp M302 engine. Body design six, driver, copilot and gunner, ammunition box and toolbox location. The earlier versions continued until 1936, when replaced by the more powerful 60-horsepower engine and slightly longer wheelbase L2H143 bodywork. The Germans produced about 7,000 Krupp Protze trucks, most of them Kfz.69, with a few other smaller variants using the same chassis. To support the production of small half-tracked trailers with better off-road mobility, the line was completed by 1941.

Kfz.69 is mainly used to drag 3.7 cm PaK.36 anti-tank guns. Pak.36 Originally designed in 1924, it was initially a horse-drawn gun. In the early 1930s, it was redesigned to begin shipping by car and Kfz.69 was developed as its main drag carrier. PaK.36 can penetrate 31mm thick armor at a distance of 500 meters, which is enough to fight most of the light armored tanks at the time. It is widely used in Poland, France, North Africa and Russia until it was replaced by large artillery in 1942. With the withdrawal of PaK.36, Kfz.69 is often used to tow 2cm and 3.7cm anti-aircraft guns




December 2017