WE WORKING ON DETAIL UP PARTS FULL reviews And also repaint parts in models that were partially painted and also do color corrections for existing and new reviews to reach a higher level of quality and a very high level of detail and accuracy, we also take a very large amount of pictures to show you the changes while

we will post a updates soon

To show you some of the progress of the reviews

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Cyber ​​- formulas –

Asura da G. S. X Clear – Body Ver.

And the detail up part

It seems to be very popular,

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Something like “Transformation Cyborg”

There is something to push.


It was worthwhile plating the wheels.

You can see it properly.

This is a package of Detail Up Parts.

The right is a package for overseas.


Actually Cyber ​​- Formula - 

It is very popular overseas.

It will also be sold soon in the country,

Customers abroad

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John Lydon is a voice actor?


For money? Are you free?

It will be changed if it changes.


Is not it the current PIL?


Character goods of PISTOLS?

With this kind of mug,

It decides to be unpleasant! !



November new product


November new product

1/700 Special series No.16

Japanese naval aircraft carrier Soryu Showa 16/13 year introduction.

Showa 16 (Example of painting assembled)

Showa 13 (Assembly painting example)

Old product special 76, special 82 united, it is reappearing.

Deck marking corresponding to each year and shipboard machine are attached and it becomes selection formula.


When you want to make precise make-up

Pure etching parts and wood deck seals are also on sale well.

Etching example

Etching example

Separately sold genuine detail up parts

Gup-81 Etching Parts

Etched by delicate outfitting of ships that can not be expressed with just the pla.



Separately sold genuine detail up parts

Gup-82 Wood deck seal

The following is the etching for the deck attached to the wood deck seal.

Just peel off easily stuck, seal to reproduce the texture of wood.

In addition, there is also a ship name plate No. 17 “Soruu”.

Please use together.