Today’s shipping scenery of Asuka model


Sherman tank is the main item
Classic fire fly
Besides Sherman
Orange wheels tire
Plamo accents 
Wine bottles and clear parts of plastic bottles
A cute Urabo Plamo when made
And Chopopramo Nipako Imagawa’s new product release is ahead of it
Studio Ewawa – sama’s Plamosar series.
Plamonial is a big day today. It is most popular.
And and.
Studio Yu’s Chotopramo Imagawa and Nipago
Release schedule around mid-February.
Please wait for a while.
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looking forward to!

Let’s put on Sherman Resin part 1

Produce Blog Shaman Let’s put on resin 1 part.


Although it is a resin part of Value Gear Inc. which is included in our kit,
Is resin hard? Is not it difficult to paint? The uneasy voice is also a thriller.
If you actually try using it, the charm of the tank will be more up so it will be more up,
Easy, but we will introduce the painting process and how to load on tanks.


① At first the burrs and edges that are attached to the bottom side of the opened parts are made with a design knife
 I will remove it. In order not to wrap the edge more than necessary unexpectedly,
 Let’s process the luggage bag so that it does not turn into strange edges.
② Put on a tank and check!
The picture is jumbo. Four jerry in the rear luggage rack.
I put a wooden box etc on the side. On the rear of the engine hatch, you will have a main big luggage.
Depending on the type of car, the on-board tool is fixed on the hatch or the like, and if placed as it is
Luggage will float. In this example we removed the wrenches.
I want to make it feel good.
③ If you can roughly image, spray the surfacer.
 Especially washing the surface oil etc with detergent is not done. Safu will ride enough as it is.
 Worrisome one should wash with mild detergent. Please dry thoroughly then.
 This time I blew the white surfacer with an airbrush.
④ Next, I blew the brown line to the shadowed part.
Creos’ mahogany is blowing.
⑤ Once dried, you can spray Sandy Brown on wooden boxes.
 I blow it thinly and paint it to make use of the underlying brown.
⑥ I will spray other bags with khaki color.
 Thanks to the underlying brown, you will see a three-dimensional effect.
 I think that the color of bags is your choice.
 After this, if you add dust stains, the look will also change.
 Please paint as you like, including other modelers’ finished products, actual car photos etc.

【New product information】 1/35 American middle tank M4A3 shaman 75mm latter term type “Cougar” 1/35 U.S. Medium Tank M4A3 Sherman 75mm latter term type “COUGAR” Scheduled to be released from the end of January 2019 to February


New mold parts “High Bass Turret” appears!
New turret parts will be added to Asuka model shaman.

“Glory of the 6th Armored Division Super Six”

At the end of the Second World War, the Allies who played landing at the Normandy coast of France in June 1944, while paying a great deal of sacrifice, finally began advancing on the Continent of Europe following the German Army.
The US Army who decided to participate in the end also accumulated experience of combat, increased its strength and increased its momentum in inverse proportion as the German army of history fought.
Meanwhile, on July 18, 1944, I finished training in the UK and landed at Normandy’s Utah Beach was the 6th Armored Division in the United States.
When launched into the European front, he was deployed in the third army led by General Bruton, General Patton.
While we began advancing towards the German border, on 23 December we were ordered to participate in the battle of Bulge.
It was decided to develop a fierce battle over Bastogne with the German army that struck back in order to stop the Allies’ advancement.
Bastogne, which was also a key hub of traffic in this area, was a city that needs to be secured for both sides.
The battlefield was extremely fierce, and America aimed to secure Bastogne by also introducing the 101st airborne troops, the German army troops siege this.
One of the units that started to advance to rescue a friendly friend who was supposed to be isolated was the 6th Armored Division.
The battle between Allied forces in Belgium and the German army continued until January 1945 when the age came.
For the first time for the US Army to experience the winter European front in the winter equality of the winter equipments and the lack of experience of fighting was added and it never became easy.
Sherman who scooped foot on the road surface muddy by snow was also scattered.
In the meantime, the 6th Armored Division likewise increased the strength.
And they came to be called with the nickname Super Six.

The M4 A3 Sherman of the body number 77 of the 6th Armored Division No. 15 tank regiment C company, the car nickname “Cougar” was a member of such Super Six.
It goes without saying that M4 Sherman, one of the representatives of the Second World War, is a vehicle that contributed not only to America but also to victory as an essential tank for Allied Forces.
M4 shaman mass-produced against the backdrop of American industrial power is also known to have many variations types.
Among them, M4A 3 Sherman was equipped with Ford’s GAA / V 8-cylinder gasoline engine which had been gathering the highest evaluation with ease of handling and high reliability.
Although the body adopted the welding body, the parts, such as the main gun, suspension, turret, etc., continued to be improved, and have various differences.
The main gun was initially equipped with a 75 mm gun, after which a more powerful 76 mm gun and a 105 mm gun mounted type for infantry support were also made.
Various differences can be seen in the turret shape as well as the shape of the hatch.
Among them, 75mm cannon, 76mm cannon mounted type turret has a large bustle type and a high bass type where the shape of the protruding part at the rear of the turret differs widely, and the continuous improvement over each part also added shaman as a masterpiece It can be said that it has led to bringing up tanks.