trumpeter-china 1/700 British Royal Navy Type 23 frigate-"Westminster" 06721

product description:

      The Type 23 frigate is a frigate serving in the British Royal Navy. All ships of this class are named after the British Duke, so this class of ships is also called the Duke class. Among the current ships of the Royal Navy, the largest number of surface warships is undoubtedly the 16 Type 23 frigates, and the last "St Albans" was officially commissioned in November 2001. The Type 23 frigate is equipped with very strong weapons, with anti-submarine, air defense, anti-ship, and anti-shore three-dimensional offensive and defensive capabilities, especially its anti-submarine capabilities. The Duke-class frigate is the world's first frigate equipped with a vertical missile launcher.

      Westminster began construction in January 1991 and entered service in May 1994.

Product number    06721
product name    British Royal Navy Type 23 frigate-"Westminster"
Bar code    9580208067216
Product ratio    1:700
product type    Plastic Model Warship Kit
Model size    Length: 190mm Beam: 23.4mm
Total number of parts    190+
Metal parts    n/a
Etched parts    1 piece
Film    n/a
Resin parts    n/a
Total number of offsets    5 sprues, hull and deck
Announcement date    2021-04
More description    Lower hull made from multi-directional slide
moulds.-Deck wood pattern finely rendered
-Contains engraved name plate
-Photo-etched frets included

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