MENGModel 1/35 QS-004 Boeing AH-64D “Longbow Apache” heavy gunship has been widely concerned by players since the press release. Today we received the latest version of the test model. Let us take a look at the complex mechanism and How the fine details are rendered.

■ The kit adopts concave line and convex nails, which faithfully reproduces the appearance characteristics and details of the real machine.

■ Excellent fuselage combination and sharp nail line details.

■ The structures such as the tail boom dorsal fairing and short wings are all disassembled in a convenient way to reduce the workload of caulking and grinding, and at the same time ensure that the nail line details are not affected by grinding.

■ The interior structure of the electronic equipment cabin is presented precisely, the performance of the cables is excellent, and the separate mold is opened for easy painting.

■ The details of the facilities in the cabin are excellent, and the details of the pipelines are all presented.

■ The details of each mounted weapon are excellent, and the design is easy to make.

■ The wingtip pod adopts the design of hidden nozzle, which is convenient to manufacture.

■ Excellent details of engine infrared suppressor.

■ Precise presentation of the rotor structure.

QS-004 Boeing AH-64D “Longbow Apache”

heavy gunship

Scale: 1/35

Price: RMB 350

Time to market: August 2023