icm 1/35 53031 AH-1G Cobra (late production) US Attack Helicopter FULL KIT

The AH-1G Cobra attack helicopter was developed by company Bell as part of the program to create a specialized attack helicopter. In the fall of 1967, it began to be used in Vietnam, where demonstrated its high combat qualities. To defeat ground targets, AH-1G helicopters used both built-in weapons – a six-barreled machine gun or grenade launcher – and suspended: units of unguided missiles, suspended machine guns, and later – a six-barreled 20 mm gun. Its firepower allowed hitting even armored targets. Over time, the AH-1G received a number of improvements, including measures to counter surface-to-air missiles with thermal guidance. For this, cooling of the engine exhaust gases was used, in addition, a special pipe was installed on the helicopters, which diverted the hot gases upwards, into the plane of rotation of the main rotor. After the end of the war, AH-1G Cobra helicopters continued their service in units stationed in Western Europe.