MENGModel 1/72 72-003 US M1A2 SEP “Abrams” TUSK II main battle tank

The M1A2 SEP “Abrams” TUSK II main battle tank is an upgraded model based on the M1A2 main battle tank for the US Army to deal with urban operations. Its tank urban survival kit (Tank Urban Survival Kit TUSK) for urban warfare is characterized by the appearance of the reactive armor all over the body and the bulletproof glass outside the hatch, which can effectively protect the relatively fragile side armor and occupants outside the lean-in vehicle. In addition, chassis armor was added to deal with the threat of mines. Thanks to its excellent survivability and advanced technical performance, the M1A2 SEP “Abrams” TUSK II has the upper hand on the battlefield.

The 1/72 series product 72-003 assembled model of the American M1A2 SEP “Abrams” TUSK II main battle tank launched by MENG is about 140mm long, 61mm wide and 47mm high after completion. The kit includes additional reactive armor for the entire vehicle, and provides semi-spliced ​​tracks, which are also designed with the concept of simple assembly. Let’s take a look at the specific details of this kit.