platz FC-21 1/144 JASDF F-104J Starfighter “Glory” Last Flight

Scheduled to be released in June 2,800 yen (tax included: 3,080 yen)
plastic model kit

In addition, the F-104J, which has been requested by many airplane fans, is now available with new markings.
In this kit, we have selected the markings of the Gifu base aircraft and the last flight of the F-104J “Eiko”, which protected the skies of Japan for a long time from the 1960s to the mid-1980s, when it was retired in 1986. The markings are reproduced with beautiful Cartograf decals.
The model reproduces the sharp silhouette of the F-104, which was called “the last manned fighter”, with a total length of about 110mm.
This is also a set of 2 units made by F-Toys, which is easy to assemble.

Introducing the product version design of the decal along with the illustration!
This is the design of the last flight and the marking of the flight development experiment group at Gifu base.
The caution marks have been faithfully reproduced, and despite being a 1/144 slim and sharp aircraft, there
is a wealth of information!