platz 1/48 TPA-29 U.S. Navy Electronic Warfare Aircraft EA-18G Growler VAQ-131 Lancers 2020 Low Visibility

Scheduled to be released in June 6,800 yen (tax included: 7,480 yen)
plastic model kit

Electronic warfare aircraft EA-18G Growler.

It was released in March of this year, and it is the same VAQ-131 Lancer aircraft deployed at Misawa Air Base this time.

So what’s different from the previous work?

This time, we will reproduce the low visibility painting machine in 2020 .

Some people say that the high-visibility of the clear coloring from the last time is good, but there are also people who say that the low-visibility of the modern machine fits well.

Which group are you?

The image changes greatly with high visibility and low visibility. Please enjoy the big comparison with 1/48.

And the decal design has been completed, so let’s introduce it!

Of course, the decals are made by Cartograf, which has a reputation for high quality.

At the venue, samples of decals and finished products made using them will be exhibited.
Please see how it actually looks.

The kit is made by Italeri, which is easy to assemble, and has a total length of 381mm.
Equipment unique to electronic warfare is also modeled in detail.