MENGModel 1/48 LS-002 J-20 “Veyron” stealth fighter

​​Since the pre-sale of the LS-002 J-20 “Veyron” stealth fighter started, we have received affirmation and encouragement from many model friends. “Dragon” stealth fighter adds a pilot with a driving attitude! Let’s follow us to see more details of this pilot.

■  A pilot with a driving attitude can perfectly fit the cockpit of the J-20 model.

■  The digitally sculpted characters have excellent details, and the folds of clothes are vivid and natural.

An excellent fighter also needs an excellent pilot. Now this pilot will be added as an additional benefit to the standard configuration of the LS-002 J-20 “Veyron” stealth fighter. Now you can place an order with a “hot blood price” that is full of discounts. Hurry up Order now!

trumpeter 1/32 02226 American TBD-1 “Destroyer” torpedo attack aircraft FULL KIT

product description:

      The Douglas TBD Devastator was a U.S. Navy torpedo bomber that was ordered in 1934, first flew in 1935, and entered service in 1937. At the time, though, it was probably the most advanced aircraft in the U.S. Navy, if not the world. However, during the period of rapid aircraft development, by the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the TBD was outdated. Although it performed well in the early part of the war, it was almost wiped out against the Japanese fleet in the Battle of Midway. So all the aircraft in service were quickly replaced by the TBF “Avenger” developed by Grumman.

Crew: three, pilot, navigator and torpedo launcher, radio technician and gunner

Length: 10.67 meters

Wingspan: 15.24 meters

Height: 4.60 meters

Propulsion: One Pratt & Whitney R-1830-64 “Double Wasp” radial engine, 900 hp

Maximum speed: 331 km/h at an altitude of 2400 meters

Cruising speed: 206 km/h

Range: 700 kilometers when carrying MK8 torpedoes, 1152 kilometers when carrying 454 kg bombs.

product number    02226
product name    American TBD-1 “Destroyer” torpedo attack aircraft
barcode    9580208022260
Product ratio    1:32
product type    Plastic Model Aircraft Kit
model size    Length: 323.5mmWingspan: 471.2mm   
total number of parts    180+
metal parts    n/a
etched parts    1 piece
film    n/a
resin parts    n/a
Total number of offset plates    9 sprues , cowling and tires
Announcement date    2023-04
more description    – Detailed fuselage&wing w/accurate design
– Highly detailed Engines
– Finely detailed cockpit,gear cabin,
– Grooved rubber tires
– PE parts included

trumpeter 1/72 07439 US M706 “Commando” Armored Vehicle (Vietnam War Type) FULL KIT

product description:

      The M-706 manufactured by Cadillac Gage, also known as V-100 “Commando” or XM706E2, has been used in the Vietnam battlefield since 1964, performing reconnaissance, patrolling, base defense and other security tasks. It served in the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force and the military of countries such as Thailand, and then equipped military police forces in countries around the world. The vehicle’s occupants are protected by sloping rolled steel armor against small arms fire, grenade fragments and anti-personnel mines.

product number    07439
product name    American M706 “Commando” armored vehicle (Vietnam War type)
barcode    9580208074399
Product ratio    1:72
product type    Plastic Model Armor Kit
model size    Length: 73mm   Width: 30mm   Height: mm
total number of parts    90+
metal parts    n/a
etched parts    n/a
film    n/a
resin parts    n/a
Total number of offset plates    2 sprues and hull
Announcement date    2023-04
more description    The kit consists of over 90 parts
-rubber tires

trumpeter 1/35 09602 Soviet T-72 Ural Hanging “Contact 1” Armor FULL KIT

product description:

      The T-72 “Ural” is a main battle tank of the post-war Soviet Union. Has been in service with the Soviet Army since 1973. The T-72 was designed and produced at the Ural plant in Nizhny Tagil. Urals have served the CIS countries and exported to Warsaw Pact, Finland, India, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

product number    09602
product name    Soviet T-72 Ural hanging “Contact 1” armor
barcode    9580208096025
Product ratio    1:35
product type    Plastic Model Armor Kit
model size    Length: 216mm Width: 107.6mm 
total number of parts    1200+
metal parts    brass wire , copper cable
etched parts    4 pcs
film    n/a
resin parts    n/a
Total number of offset plates    30 sprues , lower hull and turret
Announcement date    2023-04
more description    The kit consists of over 120 parts
>the kit w/refined detail
>multi-slide molded turret and lower hull
>217 individual tracks links

trumpeter 1/35 01090 KZKT-74282 heavy trailer FULL KIT

ZKT-7428 is designed to tow a semi-trailer with a maximum load of 70 tons, and can be driven on roads and in the wild. It entered service with the former Soviet Army in 1981 to replace the previous MAZ-537 tractor. Now Rusich Automobile Complex (formerly Kurgan Truck Plant) is currently the only heavy off-road vehicle production plant in Russia. KZKT-7428 series vehicles are also sold for civilian use, for the transportation of oil and gas.

      The cab of the car can take five people. The rear seats can be converted into sleepers for two.

      The car uses a YaMZ-8401.10-14 turbocharged diesel engine with an output of 650 horsepower. The engine is located behind the cab. KZKT-7428 has excellent off-road capability. And it can be used normally in any climate with a temperature difference from -50 to +50°C.

      KZKT-74282 is a heavy-duty tractor, used to tow large aircraft, or oversized and heavy cargo.