Kineticmodel 1/48 KI-K48145 Mirage IIIO RAAF ARDU bring some nice special paint schemes with decals designed by FCM Decals and Printed by Cartograf.

We are proud to announce our forthcoming release.

With the special interest to attend our great number of fans and supporters in Australia, we are releasing a thematic box for the RAAF Mirage IIIO with the ARDU ( Aircraft Research and Development Unit )in 1/48 scale.

180+ PARTS

MENGModel MECHA-006L Universal Doll Battle WeaponAndroid Neon Genesis Evangelion Unit Zero (Revised) (Pleasant color version)

The Neon Genesis Evangelion Unit Zero (Revised) is an improved body that was repaired and improved from the Zero Unit that was severely damaged in the Yashima battle. Under the careful design of MENG designers, the MECHA-006L general-purpose humanoid decisive battle weapon android Neon Genesis Evangelion No. 0 (modified) (pleasant version) will continue the characteristics of this series and meet you.

MENG’s newest product, MECHA-006L, is a general-purpose humanoid decisive battle weapon android Neon Genesis Evangelion No. 0 (modified) (pleasant color version) assembly model. After completion, the overall height is 47 cm. It adopts unique pre-painted panels and hidden nozzles. The design, excellent painting and excellent parts perfectly reproduce the set color, and it comes with lighting components and high-precision water stickers. Let’s take a look at the specific details of this kit.

■  The No. 0 machine (modification) in the new theater version is reappeared in front of you with a super-large size of 47 cm. The super-large volume brings unparalleled visual impact.

■  The plate is designed with pre-painting and hidden nozzle, which can achieve the effect of finished product level without spraying by yourself.

■  Elaborate lighting components: The eyes are designed with constant lights.

■  The light can be turned on/off by installing the plug on the back.

■  The one-piece joints are super movable, which can easily restore various classic postures and movements in the new theater version, and the difficulty of assembly and production is also greatly reduced.

■  Comes with a high-vibration particle knife, an electromagnetic rifle, and a variety of soft rubber hands, which can better match different actions and hold weapons. The special soft rubber paint used for pre-painting can also reduce the possibility of paint falling off during handling .

■  Unit zero (revised) is holding an electromagnetic rifle.

■  The high-vibration particle knife can be completely stored in the restraint, and the knife can be ejected and received without any replacement parts.

■  Unit zero (modified) pose when holding a high-vibration particle knife.

■  Cooperate with MECHA-003L special restraint and mobile conveying platform (sold separately) in the same proportion to achieve a statue-like display effect.

MECHA-006L Universal Doll Battle Weapon

Android Neon Genesis Evangelion Unit Zero (Modified) (Pleasant Version)

Price: RMB 599

Time to market: June 2023

     We will also debug this Evangelion Unit 0 (modified) to the best condition as soon as possible, but before that, please look forward to more news about this unit with us.