AFV Club 1/35 ROCA M110A2 self-propelled howitzer Item No:AF35337 Material:injecton Release Date:2023-05-30

1. New tooling injection plastic A2 version barrel.
2. Including T65K2 and T91 automatic rifles
3. 8 types of ROCA markings are available.
4. A simple driver’s station interior included. Driver’s hatch can be displayed as open or closed.
5. Movable‘Loader and Rammer’feed tray and traversable elevation arm in superb details.
6. Superbly detailed recoil spade and hydraulic system, fully workable.
7. Fully functional replication of the 8 inch howitzer with full details.
8. Interior detail.
9. Can be used with kit AF35017.
10. Adjustable elevation angle for the 203mm howitzer.
11. Precision injection breechblock accurately replicated.