AFV Club 1/35 ROCA M110A2 self-propelled howitzer Item No:AF35337 Material:injecton Release Date:2023-05-30

1. New tooling injection plastic A2 version barrel.
2. Including T65K2 and T91 automatic rifles
3. 8 types of ROCA markings are available.
4. A simple driver’s station interior included. Driver’s hatch can be displayed as open or closed.
5. Movable‘Loader and Rammer’feed tray and traversable elevation arm in superb details.
6. Superbly detailed recoil spade and hydraulic system, fully workable.
7. Fully functional replication of the 8 inch howitzer with full details.
8. Interior detail.
9. Can be used with kit AF35017.
10. Adjustable elevation angle for the 203mm howitzer.
11. Precision injection breechblock accurately replicated.

AFV Club 1/35 Australian army M113 MRV Item No:AF35023 Material:injecton Release Date:2023-05-30

Brand new Australian Army M113A1 MRV dedicated barrel.
■ Brand new Australian Army M113A1 MRV dedicated gun mantlet.
■ Brand new Periscopes of Commander and Loader.
■ Co-axial gun has 3 versions could be changed.
■ Dedicated photo-etched parts of M113A1 MRV.

■ Brand new decal and painting instruction of Australian Army  M113A1 MRV.

icm He 111H-8 Paravane WWII German Aircraft 1/48 48267 Release Date 15.05.2023

In July 1940, the Battle of Britain began. This was the name given to the German military operation aimed at conquering the airspace over southern England. According to the German command, this was to undermine the morale of the British people. To protect the airspace over large cities, the British used barrage balloons with taut cables. To break through the barriers, the Luftwaffe used converted airplanes on which special steel structures with cutters were installed. The cutters were also called paravans, similar to devices for protecting against sea mines. Among the converted aircraft were He 111 bombers, this modification was designated He 111H-8. Piloting such aircraft was quite difficult, as the massive structure of the paravan worsened the flight characteristics of the aircraft. Some of the see aircraft were lost during 1941, and the remaining ones were later used as conventional bombers.

– A model of a bomber equipped with an original barrage defense system;
– The possibility of building the aircraft as a conventional bomber with bombs is preserved;
– The decals include 3 versions of the He 111H-8 aircraft with cutter paravans.

icm WWII British Aircraft Armament 1/48 48407 Release Date 15.05.2023

During the Second World War, RAF aircraft used a wide range of suspended aircraft weapons. Depending on the mission, bombers and torpedo bombers could use bombs, torpedoes, or sea mines. The bomb armament consisted of several dozen models, among which the most common in the first half of the war were GP bombs, which could be of different weights, ranging from 40 to 4000 pounds. Later, MS-type bombs were produced, which had a higher ratio of explosive to bomb weight. For attacks on warships and transports, naval aviation and Coastal Command aircraft could use SAP semi-armor-piercing bombs. All types of bombs were most often colored dark green, but yellow bombs were also used in the early part of the war.  In addition to bombs, RAF aircraft also used torpedoes during combat missions at sea. British aviation also mined enemy ports and harbor routes from the air, using airborne sea mines.

– The kit includes British 250-pound GP, MC, and SAP bombs, 500-pound GP and MC bombs, a bomb carrier, an aircraft sea mine, and an aircraft torpedo with torpedo carriage.

– The kit can be used in conjunction with ICM’s BristolBeaufort or other RAF aircraft from the Second World War period.

– The kit includes stickers with markings for different types of bombs.