Chinese People’s Liberation Army ZTQ-15 light tank heavy-duty modification MENG TS-050 The
ZTQ-15 produced by MENG before MENG has been well received by domestic equipment model lovers. This time it is a heavy-duty tank The model is a continuation of the excellent quality of the previous normal model (we also launched the corresponding modification PE351186 before), and has upgraded the details of the front armor of the turret, side skirts, and vehicle weapons. . The modified parts are based on the size of the kit, and all the exterior details are made. Metal parts such as smoke bombs and antennas enhance the precision of the model. Details such as on-board weapons and tools reproduce its structure one by one. The storage on the 2 sides of the turret The fence also accurately reproduces the slender structure of the real thing. It can be said that this modification is the best choice for you to comprehensively upgrade and refine this 15