Hasegawa New product information June-July 2023 plastic model new product Add new mold VF-1J Super Battroid Valkyrie “Miria” Scale 1:72 Product number 65882 Release date Around July 1, 2023

Upgraded with new parts added!
Developed the nose tip parts and added a new gimmick that rotates the waist!

In addition, it will be an upgraded version with the addition of round fingers for the TV version (right hand: weapon grip, left hand: open hand) and moving the mounting position of the head slightly backward to adjust the balance.
The aircraft parts color is red.
Macross visual artist Hidetaka Tenjin is in charge of the package illustration.
Additional plastic parts

  • Nose for waist rotation movement
  • round finger

Decal (Marking)

  • Integrated Space Force Milia Farina Genus “303”