1.All new tooling Mk.16 ejection seat.

2.All new tooling, accurate appearance f -5 nose cones (two versions).
3.All new tooling Mk82 series 500lb bomb (three versions).
4.Mk82 Snake Eye tailfin can be built opened or closed.
5.All new tooling M117 series 750lb bomb (two versions).
6.All new tooling Mk84 2000lb bomb.
7.All new tooling LAU-3 19-Tube rocket launcher.
8.All new tooling Hydra 70 rocket (two versions).
9.Hydra 70 rocket tail set can be built opened or closed.
10.All new tooling CBU-100 Cluster Bomb.
11.CBU-100 Cluster Bomb tail set can be built opened or closed.
12.Gear doors can be positioned open or closed.
13.Optional and separately molded auxiliary air intake doors in open or closed position.
14.Flaps can be positioned retracted or deployed.

15.New decals for ROCAF Low Visibility Painting.