trumpeter 1/48 Chinese “Zhi Ten” Attack Helicopter 05820

product description:

      Development of the Z-10 attack helicopter began in the mid-1990s, and a prototype first flew in 2003. The main mission of the Z-10 is anti-armor and battlefield interdiction. It also has certain air combat capabilities.

      The Z-10 helicopter has a standard gunship structure, narrow fuselage, and tandem cockpit. The weapons operator is at the front and the pilot is at the rear. The diamond-shaped fuselage section can reduce the radar emission area on the side. All important areas will be protected by armor.

      The prototype of the Z-10 uses two Canadian Pratt Whitney PT-6C-67C turboshaft engines with a single power of 1531 horsepower. The aircraft may be equipped with a fly-by-wire system, and other systems include helmet sights and head-up displays, electro-optical devices and forward-looking infrared systems, radar and laser warning receivers, infrared jammers and decoy launch systems.

product number    05820
product name    Chinese “Zhi-10” attack helicopter
barcode    9580208058207
Product ratio    1:48
product type    Plastic Model Aircraft Kit
model size    Length: 292.7mm Rotor Diameter: 281mm
total number of parts    140+
metal parts    n/a
etched parts    1 piece
film    n/a
resin parts    n/a
Total number of offset plates    6 sprues
Announcement date    2023-03
more description    – Detailed fuselage w/accurate design
– Finely detailed cockpit
– photo-etched parts included