trumpeter 1/35 E-100 anti-aircraft tank (equipped with “Rhine Daughter” I rocket) 09586

product description:

      The development plan of the E-100 super-heavy tank is to try out two prototypes and then choose a production equipment from them. One of them uses a 150mm KwK44 gun, and the other uses a newly designed turret and a 128mm KwK44 gun. The plan started in June 1943, and went smoothly until the end of 1944, but was ordered to be suspended by Hitler, leaving only three technicians to continue the work. By the end of the war they had almost finished the chassis, but neither of the two planned turrets could be built. The British army discovered and seized it, and it was discarded after being transported to the UK for research.

Weight: 140 t Crew: 5 Engine: Maybach HL234 Top speed:40km/h

Maximum Travel: 120 km Overall Length: 10.27 m Overall Width: 4.48 m Overall Height:3.29m

arms:128 mmKwK 44 ,7.92 mmMG34

product number    09586
product name    E-100 anti-aircraft tank (equipped with “Rhine Daughter” I rocket)
barcode    9580208095868
Product ratio    1:35
product type    Plastic Model Armor Kit
model size    Length: 253.6mm Width: 128mm 
total number of parts    470+
metal parts    n/a
etched parts    1 piece
film    n/a
resin parts    n/a
Total number of offset plates    16 sprues , upper hull , lower hull and rubber tracks
Announcement date    2023-03
more description    The kit consists of over 470 parts
>the kit w/refined detail
>multi-slide molded lower hull and upper hull
>rubber tracks
>photo etched parts included