voyagermodel 1/35 PE351242/PE351244/PEA152/VBS0126 FOR BORDER STUG 3 AUSF.G BT-020


The first shell of the frontier No. 3 chassis chose the most popular No. 3 assault gun G-type late model. This kit has a full internal structure. For example, during the battle, the cab and engine structure are restored one by one, which can well understand the internal structure of the No. 3 assault gun. Based on the size of the kit, the modified parts have been fully detailed on the outside, and corrected many deficiencies in details. The late model 3 protruding G can choose 2 styles of side skirts


In 221 BC, Qin Shihuang used military means to sweep Liuhe and annex the eight wastelands, ending the era of chaos and disputes, and advancing Chinese history to a new stage. In the process of conquering the world, Qin’s army swept across the world, unified the six countries, conquered South Vietnam in the south, connected Bashu in the west, and retreated to the Huns in the north. It can be said to be invincible. What I bring today is the Great Qin Ruishi in this Overlord’s Division

Sweeping heaven and earth, annexing the whole world