hobbyboss 1/144 83904 China Air Police-500 early warning aircraft

product number    83904
product name    China Air Police-500 early warning aircraft
barcode    6939319239044
Product ratio    1:144
product type    Plastic Model Aircraft Kit
model size    Length: 239.1mmWingspan: 264.4mm
total number of parts    120+
Total number of offset plates    7 sprues 
Chrome parts    n/a
resin parts    n/a
metal parts    n/a
etched parts    1 piece
Film parts    n/a
Announcement date    2023-02
more description   The kit consists of over 120 parts ,12 clear parts
– fuselage&wing with finely engraved panel lines

hobbyboss 1/35 85529 Russian S-350E “Warrior” missile air defense system

product number    85529
product name    Russian S-350E ” Warrior ” missile air defense system
barcode    6939319255297
Product ratio    1:35
product type    Plastic Model Armor Kit
model size    Length: 345.2mm   Width: 80.1mm   
total number of parts    840+
Total number of offset plates    23 sprues , cab and tires
Chrome parts    n/a
resin parts    n/a
metal parts    n/a
etched parts    3 pcs
Film parts    n/a
Announcement date    2023-02
more descriptionDetailed multi-directional slide-molded cab
Full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential  housing and suspension units.
The main tires are hollow rubber with very good tread pattern
Wheel hubs are in great det

hobbyboss 1/16 82603 38(t) tank E/F type

product number    82603
product name    38(t) tank E/F type
barcode    6939319226037
Product ratio    1:16
product type    Plastic Model Armor Kit
model size    Length: 283.6mm   Width: 133.2mm   Height: mm
total number of parts    640+
Total number of offset plates    17 sprues , turret and tracks
Chrome parts    n/a
resin parts    n/a
metal parts    n/a
etched parts    2 pcs
Film parts    n/a
Announcement date    2023-02
more descriptionThe kit consists of over 640 parts
the kit w/refined detail
multi-slide moulded turret
Full interior details
individual tracks links
Photo-etched parts included

airfix 1/72 A55010 Starter Set – Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II Expected Spring 2023

Parts Included
Skill Level
Scheme Options

With almost 900 aircraft now delivered, the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is already living up to its reputation as one of the most capable combat aircraft ever to have taken to the skies.

design file screengrab which clearly illustrates the size 

As the largest kit produced in our new breed of Starter Set kits, the new Airfix F-35B kit will be coming into contact with many thousands of novice and more experienced modellers and therefore not only has an important role to play in the future of this famous brand, but also the wider modelling hobby.

showing the full shape data from his new Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning tooling design. We think this kit is going to be a rather popular addition to the range.

skeleton model for the F-35, with the extruded sections highlighting areas which will require individual parts to be designed, or in this case, additional detail to be incorporated into the major components.

F-35B project design files. This first image shows the cockpit detail and the additional depth of parts design into this largest Starter Set project to date.

With the inability to break the design into separate assembly sections, a Starter Set design brings a unique set of challenges for the designer, particularly when it comes to the depth of parts the tooling mould has to incorporate. This is the cockpit design viewed from below and part of the main to fuselage/wing mould.

A view of the lower fuselage section from inside, showing designed the lower front (cockpit) section as a separate component and how it joins to the main section. You will also note the A1 mark moulded on the inside of the part, this is because it is so large that it will be supplied as a free part and not on any part tree and therefore needed to be identified for assembly instruction purposes.

The same lower fuselage/wing component viewed from the outside, showing all the detail include in this particularly large part and where the lower nose part is attached to the model.

A thing of Starter Set beauty. It can be quite the challenge to keep the part count low, whilst at the same time including all the surface detail Airfix kits are famous for. I think we can already see that this kit will build into an impressive scale representation of this distinctive and highly capable multi-role aircraft

Dragon 1/35 6990 Tiger I Early Production Wittmann’s Tiger 13./Panzer Regiment 1 Operation “”Zitadelle”” July 1943″ Est. Available on Mar 2023

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Kursk, the largest armored battle the world has ever seen. Fought by attacking German units and Russian defenders arrayed in depth, the gargantuan battle involved nearly 3,000 German tanks and more than 5,000 Russian ones. Germany kicked off Operation Zitadelle in the late summer of 1943, on 5 July. With massive losses on both sides, it was the last strategic offensive that Germany was able to launch on the Eastern Front. Dragon has a series of new and re-released kits commemorating that major battle on the way, but one of the most remarkable is a new item of a 1/35 Tiger I. What is special about this phenomenal kit is that it represents the Tiger I Early variant used by the famous German tank ace Michael Wittman. At the time of the Kursk fighting, Wittmann was serving in 13./Panzer Regiment 1, and Tiger Is were among the most lethal tank of the battle.

This new 1/35 scale release depicts a Tiger I Early-Production tank, and modelers can be assured of user-friendly assembly and enhanced detail. It is replete with Magic Tracks, plus an array of photo-etched components to give the necessary touch of class. Wittmann led his platoon at Prokhorovka with this tank, and by the time the battle was over, his crew had destroyed about 30 Russian tanks and 28 anti-tank guns. With this high-quality model, modelers can now recreate a scene from that massive armored clash at Kursk.