British Royal Navy “Belfast” light cruiser 1959

product description:
The “Belfast” cruiser belongs to the “Edinburgh” class light cruiser of the British Royal Navy. It served in World War II and is now moored near Tower Bridge on the Thames in London as a museum for people to visit. It is under the jurisdiction of the Imperial War Museum.

  "Belfast" started construction in 1936 and was launched in 1938, with a displacement of 13,175 tons. There are two triple-mounted main gun turrets on the bow and stern, equipped with 12 6-inch (152 mm) caliber main guns, built by the Royal Navy Largest light cruiser. The ship had distinguished victories in World War II, including the sinking of the German battlecruiser (or light battleship) Scharnhorst, as well as Operations Tungsten, Sea King, and Zipper (not carried out). During the final stages of the European war, the ship was unwittingly spotted by a German XXI-class submarine in the North Sea. Fortunately, the submarine captain did not attack because the war was coming to an end.

  The ship also took part in the Korean War, providing fire support to United Nations forces ashore with naval guns.

  The ship was decommissioned in 1963 and opened to the public at Symon's Dockyard in London Pool, upstream of Tower Bridge, from the Trafalgar Battle Memorial Day in 1971. It is the second British warship preserved in the name of the state.

product number 06702
product name British Royal Navy “Belfast” light cruiser 1959
barcode 9580208067025
Product ratio 1:700
product type Plastic Model Warship Kit
model size Length: 281mm Beam: 43.7mm
total number of parts 180+
metal parts n/a
etched parts 1 piece
film n/a
resin parts n/a
Total number of offset plates 6 sprues , hull and decks
Announcement date 2022-11
more description hull made from multi-directional slide moulds.

  • Deck wood pattern finely rendered
  • Contains display stand and engraved name plate
  • Photo-etched frets included