T-34 747(r) mit 8.8cm FlaK 36/37
Est. Release Date: Nov 2022

The T-34 formed the backbone of the Red Army’s tank fleet during WWII, while the German 8.8cm cannon was one of the most lethal anti-tank weapons of the war. One can speculate – what would happen if you combined the two? Wonder no more, for Dragon’s newest 1/35 scale kit integrates a T-34 chassis with an 8.8cm FlaK 36/37 gun! No photographic confirmation exists of such a combination being put into service, yet it follows Germany’s widespread wartime practice of both utilizing captured tanks and mounting anti-tank guns or howitzers on self-propelled chassis. Therefore, one cannot totally rule out the possibility of such a creation having once existed. Or, at the very least, Dragon’s new kit can inspire the modeler’s imagination.
This kit comes with Magic Tracks and an aluminum barrel for the cannon (there is even rifling inside the barrel), plus Dragon resorts to 3D printing for the gun mount. What a combination of engineering excellence this vehicle is, giving modelers something totally unique to put on display!