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Scamel “Commander” Tank Carrier

product description:
The development of Scammell’s ” Commander ” heavy tank transporter stemmed from the British Army’s need to transport main battle tanks weighing more than 60 tons . It was used to replace the original Thornycroft Antars tank transporter . Development of the Commander heavy tank transporter began in 1976, but due to defence budget reasons, the British Army delayed placing an order for 125 units until 1983. The British Army uses it to tow the Challenger 1 and Challenger 2 main battle tanks .

The design capacity can pull a load of more than 65 tons. The ” Commander ” heavy tank transporter pulls a special semi-trailer, and there is a hydraulic winch with a pulling force of 20 tons at the rear.

During Operation Desert Storm in 1990, 70 Scammell ” Commander ” heavy tank transporters were used to transport more than 40 different types of military supplies. Each vehicle was on the road 17 hours a day over a 4-month period. Generally speaking, each vehicle drives an average of 270 kilometers per day on desert roads.

   Most of the British Army's 125 commanders are assigned to British military bases in Belgium and Germany. The Scammell " Commander " heavy tank carrier has now been replaced by the American "Oshkosh" M1070F heavy tank carrier .

Product number 85527
product name Scamel ” Commander ” tank carrier
barcode 6939319255273
Product ratio 1:35
product type Plastic Model Armor Kit
Model size Length: 575.4mm Width: 105.4mm
Total number of parts 790+
Total number of offset plates 12 sprues , cab , trailer board and tires
chrome parts n/a
Resin parts n/a
metal parts n/a
Etched parts 2 pcs
Film parts n/a
Announcement date 2022-10
more description > Detailed multi-directional slide-molded cab

Full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential housing and suspension units.
The main tires are hollow rubber with very good tread pattern
The windshield and side win