New decals from Caracal Models
CD72070 : C-135 Family General Purpose Markings

This 1/72 scale decal set provides a comprehensive selection of general-purpose markings to allow you to build and improve your 1/72 scale KC-135 builds. While the sheet does not provide complete markings for any one particular aircraft, the wide variety of markings on this sheet will help you replace the inaccurate and generally poorly printed kit decals, and build new variants that can not be built with kit decals.

This set will be a great companion for our 1/72 scale KC-135/WC-135/RC-135 decal sets.

The markings on the sheet include:

National insignia, both in earlier full-color and current low-visibility versions
Maintenance stencilling and door outlines in both early and current styles
Refueling door markings for IFR-capable C-135 variants
US flags and MATS/MAC command name markings
A set of white digits for last four digits of tail numbers painted on the front fuselage
Wing walkways for 1960s-1980s era color schemes
Refueling probe markings for KC-135 versions
NAcelle markings for both J57 and TF33 engines
This set is designed for the 1/72 scale AMT/ERTL kits of the C-135 series. The main markings sheet in the set was professionally screen printed by Cartograf in Italy. The walkways and national insignia sheets were professionally screen printed by Microscale in the US.