December 2022 New product information
New mold
limited edition
“Combat Mecha Xabungle” Iron Gear
Product number:CW25
Release date:December 28 2022

Hasegawa’s “Xabungle” plastic model series has started!

From the TV anime “Combat Mecha Xabungle”, which celebrated its 40th anniversary, the
landship form “Iron Gear (1st generation)” has been made into a 1/500 scale kit as the first in the series!

No adhesive is required for assembly, and the 6 parts colors create an atmosphere close to the setting picture.
The barrels of the 40mm twin anti-WM (Walker Machine) cannon and the 76mm twin anti-ship rapid-fire cannon are movable.
The 200mm twin guns can move the barrel and turn the turret.
Mounting of the button gun is optional.

The chest hangar hatch can be opened and closed.
8 Walker Machines of the same scale (Xabungle (WM), Trad 11 Type, Gallop Type, Club Type 2 each) + 2 Xabungle Cars are included.
It is designed to attach the attached plate-shaped stand (clear molding) to the bottom of the ship (2 places), and it
can be displayed with an image like a hovering state with the hull slightly floating.