December 2022 New product information
plastic model
limited edition
Add new mold
special version
new decal
Nissan Pulsar GTI-R (RNN14) “1991 1000 Lakes Rally”
Product number:20605
Release date:December 10 2022

Add new parts such as quadruple fog lamps,

Reproduce the 1991 1000 Lakes rally entry car.

Body parts color is white.

headlight/taillight mirror surface, door mirror mirror surface,

Additional light mirror surface etc. are plated parts.

Comes with window seals.
Additional plastic parts

Quadruple fog lamp

cornering light


Decal (Marking)

  • 1991 1000 Lakes Rally Car (August 22-25, 1991)
    8th Car No.11 Driver: Stig Blomqvist
  • 1991 1000 Lakes Rally Car (August 22-25, 1991)
    10th Car No.15 Driver: David Rebellin