prepainted model No.I-5
plastic model
Initial D Keisuke Takahashi FD3S RX-7 Volume 1 specification
Scheduled to be released in November 2022

Keisuke’s FD appears as a pre-painted plastic model!

The RX-7 of Keisuke Takahashi, one of the double ace of Project D that appears in “Initial D”, is now available in the pre-painted plastic model series. “Volume 1 specification” that fought with Takumi. The interior and chassis are also painted.

“Volume 1 specification” that fought with Takumi
Dedicated large rear wing included
The open state of the headlights can also be reproduced by processing.
Parts that require painting such as the body, interior, and chassis are already painted.
You can make a beautiful finished product just by assembling with adhesive.
*This kit is not assembled. Separately, adhesives and tools are required.

Seals and decals are not attached.
*Figures are not included.