Pass 3 Toyota Hachiroku Trueno AE86
Scheduled shipping date: November 29, 2022

The suspension structure of the chassis is newly designed as a new mold part. Various styling can be set by steering and alignment gimmicks!
The 4-wheel independent stepless vehicle height adjustment mechanism and 4-wheel independent stepless camber adjustment mechanism allow you to freely set the vehicle height to normal, shakotan (lowdown), racer (horizontal), and other styling.
Since the expansion and contraction of the four-wheel independent suspension can be expressed, it is possible to create a diorama with movement (posture change).
 (Breaking (front wheel: contracted / rear wheel: extended), corners (inside: contracted / out side: extended), etc.)
Smooth adjustment of vehicle height and camber by using conventional polycap material in a stepless slide structure. realization.
Since it is a gimmick that can be adjusted even after completion, you can enjoy decorating it for a long time.

Comes with roll bar and bucket seats.
Includes a wing type rear spoiler.
Comes with a decal that collects stickers that are popular among runners. In addition to logo marks and license plates, various sticker marks are included.