November 2022 New product information
plastic model
limited edition
Aichi E13A1 Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane Model 11 “Kongo Mounted Machine” w/Catapult
Scale 1:72
Product number 02416
Shipping from us November 16,2022
Release date Around November 19, 2022

Added catapult parts! Reproduce the zero type water reconnaissance that was mounted on Kongo.

The No. 1 “B3-1-1” has a white identification paint on the leading edge of the right main wing.
The package illustration is handled by Mr. Tadashiro Kato.
Decal (Marking)

  • Battleship Kongo-equipped machine “B3-1-1” (1943)
  • Battleship Kongo-equipped machine “B3-1-2” (1943)