November 2022 New product information
plastic model
New gold type
Yamaha RZ250 (4L3) (1980)
Scale 1:12
Product number BK13
Shipping from us November 16,2022
Release date Around November 19, 2022

Legendary 2-stroke sports called "400 killer"!

In the 1970s, as automobile exhaust gas regulations were strengthened,

The world market for 2-stroke engines was on the decline.

Yamaha is determined to be "the last 2-stroke",

I started developing the culmination model.

Water-cooled 2-stroke parallel 2-cylinder engine, monochrome type rear suspension,

Thoroughly incorporating the latest technology at the time, such as cast wheels

"RZ250 (4L3)" was released in 1980.

The kit is reproduced with a completely new mold based on thorough coverage of the actual vehicle.

The part color of the tank is white.

The inside of the headlights, mirrors, etc. are plated parts.