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Japanese Navy report ship Yaeyama

In June 1888, the construction of this warship was started at Yokosuka Shipyard as Japan’s first domestic iron warship. She was planned and designed under the guidance of French shipbuilder Emile Verdun, and the upper deck line with strong front and rear sears was strongly French style. She achieved a respectable result of 19 knots in the new construction trial of this ship completed in less than three years. In 1902, the ship that was dispatched to rescue Musashi, who ran aground at the mouth of Nemuro Port, also ran aground, and her bottom was damaged and sank. By 1904 she completed the repair and she became a double chimney. In the Russo-Japanese War, he belonged to the 2nd Fleet in the Battle of the Yellow Sea and the 5th Squadron in the Battle of the Sea of ​​Japan. She was expelled from the register on April 1, 1909.