MENG MECHA-AC001 Mecha Model Stand

MECHA-AC001 Mecha Model Stand
Available in: September 2022
This well-designed mecha model stand will definitely allow you to create more poses for your favorite mecha models.

Replicate Your Mecha Models in More Dynamic Poses
Replicating mecha models in a variety of dynamic poses is one of the most enjoyable and exciting things of owning these models. however, the weight of the mecha model and its accessories can make this difficult whether you are replicating different poses or just let the mecha model hold huge weapons. To do so, a stand that can fit different model sizes and support various poses becomes indispensable.
This latest MENG MECHA-AC001 Mecha Model Stand will be 370mm long, 280mm
wide and 310mm high when completely assembled. This stand can be detached as two separate small stands. Let’s have a closer look at the details.

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