meng TS-053 Russian T-72B3M main battle tank with KMT-8 mine clearance system
Scale: 1/35
Price: 229 yuan
Availability: July 2022

Now, this latest T-72B3M main battle tank has been presented in front of you, enough modification space and abundant accessories, come and make a T-72B3M of your own!
Since its inception, the T-72 main battle tank has gone through ups and downs for half a century, and has developed numerous derivative models. The T-72B3M is the latest modernized version. This type of main battle tank is equipped with a 1130-horsepower V-92S2F engine on the basis of the T-72B3 type, which greatly improves the tank’s maneuverability; at the same time, it is equipped with 4S23 “fossil” explosive reactive armor and other protective components, and the protective ability can be improved. Comparable to the T-90.