MENG PS-007 1/700 PLA Navy Hainan plastic model kit

Hainan, the New Star Equipment of PLA Navy
Hainan (Pennant number: 31) is the lead ship of the Chinese Type 075 landing helicopter dock. She was commissioned in Sanya Hainan Province on 23 April 2021 when was the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the PLA Navy. Hainan has a displacement of 40,000t, and she’s as important as PLA Navy’s aircraft carriers – Shandong and Liaoning. The commissioning of Hainan has further enhanced the strength of the PLA Navy’s amphibious combat formations and has greatly improved their ability in open seas protection and island landing operations.

This PS-007 1/700 PLA Navy Hainan plastic model kit is presented by MENG and Glory Made Inc. The finished model will be 337mm long, 66mm wide. This kit features pre-colored parts, fast snap-fit design and accurate profile. This Hainan model has several movable parts. It includes the well deck and hangar interior structures. It also has various land, sea and air equipment for landing operations. Thanks to the various self-adhesive stickers, the ship and helicopters have more realistic details. The SPS-088 PLA Navy Hainan Marking Decals (For PS-007) and the SPS-089 PLA Navy Hainan PE Parts (For PS-007) will be released at the same time. Now, let us take a look at the details.

Release Date:2022-05-07