BOOK Abrams Squad Abrams Squad 37 Release Date:2022-01-15

Contents: 4.- Commander's Display Unit (news and reviews) 10.- RTS: Leopard 2A6M CAN (RFM) 20.- M1A2 ABRAMS SEP V2 1:35 (RFM) by Mauricio Mena. 32.- Typhoon VDV (RPG Models) by Viacheslav Novozhilov.

40.- “No War”, Nagmachon (Hobby Boss) by Vincenzo Lanna. 50.- "Guardian of Japan" Type 90 (Tamiya) by Kuniyuki Takeuchi. 58.- “Echelon 2021” (References) by Abrams Squad. 62.- Bergepanzer 2 (Takom) by Uwe Kern. 74.- “Leopard 2A7V” (References) by Abrams Squad.

78.- “The Coalition", Diorama FV432 by Paco Arévalo. 90.- “Saber Junction” (References) by Walter Böhm. 96.- Turret Basket 96 Pages – ALL TEXTS IN ENGLISH