PLATZ AUDI R8 LMS GT3 1/24 SPA 24 HOURS RACE 15 WE WORK ON THE FULL REVIEW DONE APPLYING DECALS AND ADD PE PARTS FULL UPDATE 1.8.2021 General information and aerodynamics of vehicle high speed and kinetic energy

This model is painted 6 times in the same shades in order to maintain a clean and quality painting and a real and realistic level of painting and also hi color corrections that required in-depth and comprehensive treatment that have now disappeared and now the painting is of excellent quality and maintained over time.
We are now working on the driver’s seat and vehicle structure which is very aerodynamic
Influenced by the high speed of the vehicle correctly dissipates the kinetic energy that comes from driving very fast and turning corners in racetracks around the world
The weight of the vehicle allows a huge amount of air to enter and pushes the vehicle to a desired driving speed. The structure of the vehicle also utilizes the air that enters and the rear wing stabilizes the vehicle during racing.
And glues the body of the vehicle to the asphalt road

The illustration can be seen using the blue arrows in the image

We llike to thank the manufacturer platz HOBBY who sent us this sample kits for a full reviews