Masterwork Series no.169 1/12 Kawasaki Ninja H2 Carbon (Finished Model) Item No: 21169

Beast on the Streets
2014 was a vintage year for fans of Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki as it saw the announcement of the Ninja H2 at the Milan Motorcycle Shows (EICMA), a bike whose name can be traced back to 1971 and the popular 750-SS/Mach IV (H2) street bike. In the modern H2, Kawasaki designers strove to provide hitherto unexperienced acceleration, and they certainly pulled out all the stops with a powerful combination of a 998cc inline-4 engine and centrifugal supercharger, mounted in an elegant trellis frame and providing an impressive 200hp. The body is also a work of aerodynamic art, with an upper cowl featuring ram air intakes and bottom chin spoiler plus a stylish single headlight. Mirrors have a cut-off design to ensure they contribute aerodynamically, and plenty of electronic rider aids are also on offer. The special Carbon spec of the Ninja H2 released in 2017 had carbon fiber upper cowl, an enhanced 205hp engine and many other upgrades.

About the Model
*This is a 1/12 scale factory finished model of the 2018 Kawasaki Ninja H2 Carbon. Length: 174mm, width: 76mm, height: 96mm. *Features a realistic depiction of the inline-4 engine and supercharger, right down to minute rendering of bolts. *Upper cowl with headlight and mirrors, side cowls and rear cowls really capture the bike’s aerodynamics in style. *Decals are used to depict the upper cowl carbon fiber pattern. *Metal-plated parts recreate muffler, light case and more. *Synthetic rubber tires have realistic tread patterns. *The vibrant green accents on the frame and cowls are faithfully rendered. *Driven sprocket and chain have a highly realistic paintjob. *Features fine weathering to recreate exhaust burn.