Copper State Models plans for 2021 and 2022 (partly)

Like we wrote yesterday here are our plans for 2021 and 2022 (partly)

First of all Krupp-Schuman model 1899 w/57mm was a 1st April check, not a joke but only an idea, and it may be soon you will be able to see how this joke made it into a real plastic one. It should be out in about 9 months or so.

Anyway, first we need to release Russo-Balt Armoured car, this one we mentioned and it is on its way.

We are planning to release several 1/32 models and those would be Caudron G.III and the next one Bristol Scout (an important machine). Sopwith Baby is on the bench but will be out in 2022 and not in 2021

Probably between them, we will roll out 1/35 Lancia 1ZM 1930s-40s

And we have decided to try 1/72 scale and the first one to hit the market will be Lancia 1ZM, which should be ready no later than SEP 2021

The next big nation in 1/35 will be France, with its first Renault 1914 Armoured car

About Garford Armoured Monster (Truck), last year we received a full set of factory drawings, and this event forced us to redesign the 3d model that we finished already into a new accurate Garford Putilov Armoured car, all works should be finished by the end of 2021

In the meantime we are working on another beast, a rather big (for us) Erhard Armoured truck, this is a rather interested and important project, one of the most known WWI German Armoured cars that should be done in plastic for sure

Here is a sums-up with the kit numbers

1/35 Line
35007 Italian Armoured Car 1ZM WW2 service
35008 Garford Putilov Armoured Truck
35009 Erhard Armoured truck
35010 Krupp-Schuman Armoured mobile guns, model 1899 w/57mm
35011 Italian Armoured Car 1Z (twin turret)
35012 Renault 1914 Armoured Car
35015 Kings USMC Armoured Car
35018 Fiat-Terni Tripoli

1/32 Line
32006 Caudron G.III
32007 Bristol Scout
32008 Sopwith Baby

1/72 line
72001 – Italian Armoured Car 1ZM
72002 –