TRUMPETER 1/72 American M983 Trailer & MIM-104F Patriot Missile System (PAC-3) 07157

product description:
The “Patriot” PAC-3 air defense missile system is used for long-range, mid-to-high altitude defense and has all-weather capabilities.

  The main mission of PAC-3 is to intercept tactical ballistic missiles, advanced cruise missiles and aircraft. The PAC-3 missile uses a collision-kill system to intercept tactical ballistic missiles carrying weapons of mass destruction. The PAC-3 system has been upgraded to improve its ability to counter threat targets, as well as a new user interface to improve its ability to communicate with information.

  The Patriot's rapid response capabilities, powerful firepower, multi-target tracking capabilities, and electronic countermeasures capabilities make it the first air defense system of the US Army.

Product number 07157
product name American M983 Trailer & MIM-104F Patriot Missile System (PAC-3)
Bar code 9580208071572
Product ratio 1:72
product type Plastic Model Armor Kit
Model size Length: 300mm Width: 35.6mm
Total number of parts 150+
Metal parts n/a
Etched parts n/a
Film n/a
Resin parts n/a
Total number of offsets 8 sprues, cab and tires
Announcement date 2021-03
More description The kit consists of over 150 parts
-rubber tires