Furball Aero-Design‎ “USMC Jump Jets” (48-073) / (48-074) “USN Fighter Squadron Aircrew Patches” / (48-075) “F/A-18E,F,G Cockpit Detail Set”/“Lo-Viz Devil Dog Scooters” (48-010)/(48-045) “Airwing All-Stars: Phantoms Part 3

Hello again Furball Fanatics! It’s been a little while, but we are back with our first new releases of 2021. For this release round, we have 5 new sets and 2 reprints of previously sold-out sets. Let’s get right to it:
First up we have “USMC Jump Jets” (48-073). This set has options for 10 AV-8/C Harrier jets in 1/48 scale. Enough stencils are included to build 2 complete models. Although sized to fit the new Kinetic kit, this set should work with the venerable Monogram kit as well. Here are the options covered:
-VMA-231, AV-8A 159240, NM-601, USS F.D. ROOSEVELT, 1976
-VMA-231 DET A, AV-8A 159258, CG-4, MCAS CHERRY POINT 1977
-VMA-513 DET A, AV-8A 159232, WF-1, MCAS IWAKUNI, 1976
-VMA-513, AV-8A 158966, WF-11, MCAS CHERRY POINT, 1976
-VMA-513, AV-8A 158968, WF-5, MCAS YUMA, 1977
-VMA-542, AV-8A 158964, WH-00, MCAS CHERRY POINT, 1975
-VMA-542, AV-8A 158964, WH-24, MCAS CHERRY POINT, 1975
-VMA-542, AV-8C 159254, WH-12, MCAS CHERRY POINT, 1986
-VX-5, AV-8C 158706, XE-27, NAS CHINA LAKE, 1981
Next, we have (48-074) “USN Fighter Squadron Aircrew Patches”. This set features over 150 tiny Fighter Squadron patches to dress up your 1/48 scale figures. Patches are included for all US Navy fighter squadrons from the Vietnam era thru the 2000s. These little gems are reproduced in exquisite detail as only Cartograf can achieve.
Next up is (48-075) “F/A-18E,F,G Cockpit Detail Set”. This set is sized to work with specifically with the 1/48 Hasegawa series of kits. This set has decals to enhance the cockpit parts and alleviate the tedious task of detail painting. Decals for the instrument panels, display screens (in various configurations), and ejection seats are included. Enough decals are contained to build 2 complete cockpits.
Next we continue our collaboration with our friends from Detail & Scale. This time we cover the silver-finished USAF F-100Ds of the Vietnam War. “Colors & Markings of USAF Super Sabres PT1” is offered in 1/48 scale (F/D&S-4821) as well as 1/72 scale (F/D&S-7202). Each set has options for 10 aircraft and enough stencil data is included to build 2 complete models. Here’s a rundown of the jets covered:
-461st TFS, F-100D 55-2894, BIEN HOA AB, 1965
-461st TFS, F-100D 55-3797, BIEN HOA AB, 1965
-461st TFS, F-100D 55-3604, BIEN HOA AB, 1966
-461st TFS, F-100D 55-3535, BIEN HOA AB, 1966
-307TH TFS, F-100D 56-3405, TUY HOA AB, 1966
-307TH TFS, F-100D 55-3712, TUY HOA AB, 1966
-481ST TFS, F-100D 56-3054, TAN SON NHUT AB, 1965
-481ST TFS, F-100D 56-3063, TAN SON NHUT AB, 1965
-481ST TFS, F-100D 56-3285, TAN SON NHUT AB, 1965
-481ST TFS, F-100D 56-3055, TAN SON NHUT AB, 1965
Next we have our third reprint of our popular “Lo-Viz Devil Dog Scooters” (48-010). This sheet includes options for (16) 1/48 OA-4M, TA-4J, A-4M, A-4F, & A-4E Skyhawks. Enough stencils and data are included to build 2 complete models. Here’s the rundown on the aircraft covered:
-A-4E 149985, “QR 02”, VMA-322, 1982
A-4M 160036, “VL 03”, VMA-331, 1982
A-4M 158186, “WL 02”, VMA-311, 1984
A-4F 155028, “ME 16”, VMA-142, 1985
A-4M 159780, “CF 01”, VMA-211, 1989
A-4M 160030, “WE 01”, VMA-214, 1989
A-4M 160024, “QG 00”. VMA-131, 1993
OA-4M 154335, “YU 7”, H&MS-13, 1980
OA-4M 152856, “WA 00”, H&MS-12, 1984
OA-4M 153507, “DA 00”, H&MS-32, 1984
TA-4J 158482, “QR 01”, VMA-322, 1986
OA-4M 154620, “TM 02”, H&MS-12, 1989
OA-4M 154306, “DA 01”, H&MS-32, 1990
OA-4M 154638, “WA 01” H&MS-12, 1989
OA-4M 154628, “DA 04”, H&MS-32, 1987 (Gray & Green Camo scheme)
OA-4M 154306, “DA 01”, H&MS-32, 1987 (Harrier Camo Scheme)
Next we have the second printing of (48-045) “Airwing All-Stars: Phantoms Part 3. This set has options for six 1/48 F-4J aircraft, all painted in the attractive Gull Gray over white scheme. Enough stencils and data are included to build 2 complete models. The decals are sized to fit the Academy kit, although they may work with other kits as well. Here’s the lineup of the jets included in this set:
F-4J 155544, “AG 201”, VF-33, USS Independence, 1972
F-4J 154783, “AG 100”, VF-41, USS Independence, 1969
F-4J 155861, “AE 200” VF-84, USS F.D. Roosevelt, 1970
F-4J 155799, “NG 200” VF-92, USS Constellation, 1972
F-4J 155510, “AG 100” VF-102, USS Independence, 1973
F-4J 155885, “AJ 100” VF-143, USS America, 1974
That’s all for this round. As always thanks for your patronage, and please visit our website for these and other great decal sets:
The Furball Team