The Pour le Mérite, one of the highest military orders of merit in the German Empire, has a more well-known name, the Blue Max. This name was given in honor of Max Immelmann (The Eagle of Lille), the first German World War I flying ace. He’s also the first pilot to receive the Blue Max. Among the 700 people awarded with the Blue Max, 80 were fighter pilots. The Fokker Dr.I triplane became a classic WWI aircraft thanks to its outstanding performance. It’s interesting that many of its pilots were the winners of the Blue Max. The stories of the aces and their aircraft have been enthusiastically told and retold.MENG is honored to work again with the Clarion Culture on this classic fighter aircraft product. Founded in 2006, the Clarion Culture is the only professional organization in the study and promotion of order and decoration culture in the Chinese world. The Clarion Culture has published books on orders and decorations like Clarion collection (14 volumes), WWII German Decoration System Study and Pictorial History of the Imperial Order of the Double Dragon in the Qing Dynasty, and a series of books on world ships, land warfare weapons, world aviation and individual equipment.With the help of the Clarion Culture, MENG will release a collection-class large-scale QS-003s Fokker Dr.I Triplane model kit. This product includes a complete 1/24 Fokker Dr.I Triplane kit and a collection-class replica of the Blue Max. The production of this replica medal is supervised by the Clarion Culture. Made of superior materials, this replica medal features exquisite details and accurate appearance. Combination of the legendary triplane and the highest military medal makes this product a classic collection. What’s more, this product will be released as a limited edition one. Don’t miss it.