From today’s point of view, the Fokker Dr.I triplane looks so weird, but 100 years ago, it was no doubt a killer in the sky. Its three wings brought excellent maneuverability. Metal bracing wires were hidden inside the aircraft to further reduce the drag and guarantee its flight speed. Thanks to its maneuverability, speed, the synchronisation gear and superb flying skills of German pilots, the Fokker Dr.I triplane shocked its rivals when it made its debut. Richthofen was not the only Fokker Dr.I pilot who made a splash in the combats. Ernst Udet, the second highest scoring German flying ace with 62 victories, also achieved outstanding results on Fokker Dr.I.

MENG now releases another Fokker Dr.I, the QS-003 Fokker Dr.I Triplane. The 1/24 scale product can better show the features of this legendary triplane. The finished model will be 299.99mm wide and 243.2mm long. This kit includes precision PE parts and clear parts.

This 1/24 scale model features better details. The airborne machine guns have one-piece metal cooling jackets and PE gun sights.

The air-cooled rotary engine is a typical product of its times. The 1/24 scale engine features more realistic and detailed construction.

This model features accurate wing structure and realistic fabric covering.

The wheels are highly detailed. The text and canvas texture are replicated.

The classic legend deserves a more detailed replica. More exciting details will be revealed later. Stay tuned.