MENG will release a new officially licensed Ford GT40 product, the RS-001 Ford GT40 Mk.II ’66 (Pre-colored Edition) 1/12

What kind of driver and racing car could push themselves to the limit and conquer the opponents on the wet and slippery track in a rainy night? Ken Miles and his light blue racing car are an undisputed answer. At the end of the sultry rainy day in France in 1966, Ken Miles and his Ford GT40 Mk.II became a new racing legend with their stable and fearless performance.. This 1/12 scale MENG product includes completely painted car body, chassis, engine and cab interiors, and it can be assembled without glue. Without the tedious assembly and painting process, you will only need to prepare a side cutter and then enjoy the process of building this speed legend replica.This RS-001 Ford GT40 Mk.II ’66 (Pre-colored Edition) kit’s car body has been finely painted. The shiny paint surface needs no further treatment.The interiors are also completely painted. The painted parts bring more realistic mechanical texture.The assembled model features several openable and movable subassemblies.Don’t worry about having no time or condition for precision airbrushing. Everything is done on this RS-001 Ford GT40 Mk.II ’66 (Pre-colored Edition) kit. Just enjoy the process of building this masterpiece which has been designed based on the experience our team has gained in the past ten years. More exciting updates will come soon.