Dear fans, ‎Elefant

we present you a new project, on which we have been working intensively for almost a month. A new line of boxes and other material that was transported on tanks. We currently have 38 different variants for vehicles: Pz.III J-N and Stug. III A-G. For most there will be etchings, designs are ready, now only etch. Here are the first products:

E35080 Wooden small box for Pz.Kpfw III L-N, with wood texture
E35081 Metal box for Stug.III G from Totenkopf Division
E35086 Wooden boxes for Pz.Bef.Wg. III L, type 1 with wood texture
E35087 Wooden box for Pz.Kpfw III L-N, type 1, with wood texture
E35108 Wooden box for Stug. III G initial from Das Reich, type 1, with wood texture