NEW FROM trumpeter-china Ukrainian T-64BM "Blot" main battle tank 09592

product description:

      The T-64BM "Blot" is the Ukrainian upgraded version of the Soviet T-64B main battle tank. After the end of the Cold War, Ukraine has equipped and stocked more than 2,200 T-64 main battle tanks. The T-64BM "Blot" main battle tank was announced in 1999. Initially, the Ukrainian Mortsov Mechanical Design Bureau proposed two upgrade plans for the T-64 main battle tank. One is the T-64BM (also known as T-64U) and the other is T-64BM2. T-64BM2 is equipped with a new automatic loader, but it is equipped with a poor fire control system. In the end, the Ukrainian army chose a higher T-64BM standard to upgrade its equipment to T-64. In 2005, the first T-64BM tank was upgraded and delivered to the Ukrainian army. Starting in 2014, the upgraded T-64BM main battle tank, like other tanks and armored vehicles in Ukraine, participated in the military conflict in Ukraine. Widely used in conflicts. However, for some reason, all the surviving T-64BM tanks of the Ukrainian army have recently been repaired and put into storage. The Ukrainian military decided not to use these tanks in the conflict and rely on the old T-64BV tanks.

      The improvement of protection depends on the external explosive reactive armor. Composite armor is used in front of the hull and turret. The T-64BM tank is equipped with Ukrainian "knife" reactive armor, which can provide better protection. The vehicle is also equipped with three protection equipment and automatic fire extinguishing and explosion suppression system.

Product number                   09592

product name       Ukrainian T-64BM "Blot" main battle tank

Bar code                  9580208095929

Product ratio          1:35

product type          Plastic Model Armor Kit

Model size              Length: 261mm Width: 110 mm

Total number of parts        740+

Metal parts             copper cable, brass wire

Etched parts           2 pcs

Film            n/a

Resin parts              n/a

Total number of offsets     22 sprues, lower hull and turret

Announced date                  2020-11

More description                 The kit consists of over 740 parts

>the kit w/refined detail

>multi-slide moulded turret and lower hull

>plastic tracks w/fine detail

>Etched Photo parts included