NEW FROM trumpeter-china 1/72 Chinese People’s Liberation Army ZTZ-99A Main Battle Tank 07171

product description:

      As the trump card of China’s main battle tank, the ZTZ-99A tank was reviewed during the military parade held in Tiananmen Square in Beijing on the morning of September 3, 2015. This is the first public appearance of the ZTZ-99A main battle tank, although its name has been circulating for a long time. During the “Peace Mission-2014” SCO military exercise, its maneuverability, power and speed shocked the entire world.

      In addition to its turret equipped with a new generation of explosive reactive armor, a new additional composite armor was also installed on the top of the turret. In addition, the laser active defense system greatly enhances the defense of the tank.

The ZTZ-99A tank is slightly taller and larger than the ZTZ-99 tank, but it is about 30 cm shorter than the 2.7 meters commonly used by NATO. After the bottom of the car is about 0.45 meters above the ground, the designer must design the various subsystems in the car body and turret within a height of less than two meters. The ZTZ-99A tank is equipped with a manual hydraulic transmission, so tanks over 50 tons can be easily shifted. It uses the steering wheel to turn continuously at any radius.

Product number                   07171

product name       Chinese People’s Liberation Army ZTZ-99A main battle tank

Bar code                  9580208071718

Product ratio          1:72

product type          Plastic Model Armor Kit

Model size              Length: 125mm Width: 60mm 

Total number of parts        40+

Metal parts             n/a

Etched parts           n/a

Film            n/a

Resin parts              n/a

Total number of offsets     3 sprues, lower hull, upper hull and tracks

Announced date                  2020-11

More description                 The kit consists of over 40 parts